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About us




We founded Lawbility in 2011 to create a range of coaching and training sessions designed to improve the language and practical skills of attorneys, solicitors and legal practitioners, as well as law students. We also offer several courses to prepare the latter for their exams.


Train your professional language.

Legal English and Legal French are part of the basic education in law. Today, our programme offers the largest team of Legal English and Legal French experts in Switzerland, as well as a diversified range of courses for our clients with different levels of education and seniority:students, law interns, junior / senior practicing lawyers and legal professionals.


Prepare for the bar exam.

To allow law students to prepare in a time efficient and focused manner, we coach them on exam preparation. We provide private coaching, which will improve our candidates’ methodical and technical skills for the bar exam.


Train your lawyer skills.

Prospective lawyers and legal students have a practical focus. For this reason, Lawbility created a programme to improve the methodical and practical skills of our clients. In this programme, we train the participants to successfully use their professional expertise in situations arising in their professional practice.



Management Team and programme directors


Jean-Luc Delli

Jean-Luc Delli (MLaw University of Fribourg i.Ue, 2006) has worked in commercial law and project management for several years. He is the founder of Lawbility and serves as managing and programme director.



Marie Pagès

Marie Pagès studied at the University of Paris Dauphine and at the University of Parix X Nanterre and practiced then several years in commercial law in Paris. She works for Lawbility as a coach and as the programme director for the Legal French programme.


Sarah Hotz

Sarah Hotz studied German and Education in Germany and has taught for many years German classes. She also took a training in marketing and sales. At Lawbility, Sarah is in charge of the Professional legal German language program and the company’s PR and communication.





Claudio Giger

Claudio Giger is an experienced project manager specialised in developping and processing Web projects, online campains and web marketing. He serves for Lawbility as the Office Manager responsible for the administration and online projects.



Arthur Schneider

Arthur Schneider graduated from the Business School of Zurich with a Federal Diploma in Accounting. He has many years of experience in the areas of administration, fiscal control, taxation and HR (payroll accounting). At Lawbility AG he is in charge of financial and tax matters as well as payroll accounting. He also offers support for Lawbility AG's business  in accounting and tax matters.


Anita Kurz

Anita Kurz studied scientific illustration at the Zurich University of the Arts and worked as an illustrator and teaching assistant at the faculty of architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich for several years. Now she works as a freelance illustrator and draws for Lawbility.


Cooperation is a big part of our corporate strategy.  We rely on our collaborations with experts to continually develop the products and services we offer, and as part of our growth strategy.


International Legal Practice Law Student Competitions

In common law countries, lawyer skills and practical skills are part of students’ legal education. To assist Swiss law students in training their negotiation and communication skills, we are members of the two international student competitions "International Legal Negotiation Competition" and "International Client Consultation Competition."  On behalf of these competitions we offer practice-oriented seminars and workshops, as well as organizing the Swiss preliminary qualifying rounds.


The Legal English Manual

So that law students, legal professionals, and lawyers have Legal English tools at hand when they need them, we developed in cooperation with experts The Legal English Manual. We co-published the second Edition with Helbing Liechtenhahn (Switzerland), C.H.Beck Verlag (Germany) and BarWrite (United States).